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Stylish modern FURNITURE options
Thoughtfully curated furniture themes and design

Our creations are a reflection of what we see and what we perceive. To distort the mundane and create extraordinary artefacts that reflect the self. We create spaces that evoke emotions and makes one feel inspired.

Let there be COMFORT
Stylish modern furniture options

Functioning as a boutique label, we at AGAM design theme-based furniture and lighting for residential and hospitality spaces.


AGAM design studio conceptualised when we tried to envision a space that brought about a unifying theme and resonated with facets of nature. Based in Bangalore, AGAM was founded in 2020 by Nandha Ravichandran, an Architect and a furniture design graduate from NID,Ahmedabad.

0ur Design philosophy employs the basic tenets of architecture and design and exemplifies it by designing spaces that redefine functionality and form. AGAM formulated its theme-based design tactic by drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus movement by keeping furniture as the core element of the spatial design. We conceptualised each theme based on the core material and its properties. By incorporating aspects like functional and abstract shapes, simple colour schemes and holistic design, we were able to ideate a timeless and relevant form that defines the look and feel of the theme.

A conscious amalgamation of science and art, AGAM’s thematic furniture and lighting bring about a holistic perspective to any realm. The incorporation of a theme-based interior defines the spatial aspect as a single entity. Each motif takes you along a fantastical journey, punctuated with realistic elements and is both contemporary and functional in its interpretation and execution.

“We are motivated to crate spaces that are contemporary, functional in interpretation and execution.”